What is the American Worldview?

The American Worldview is the present accumulation of common knowledge as evolved from the Biblical Judeo-Christian Worldview. While the underlying framework of beliefs and application of known wisdom is eternal, not all of it has been known and practiced across human history. Traces of the core beliefs of the worldview can be found in the Roman empire, where much of its political application came about, but dates back further to the tribes of Israel before King Saul. The philosophical framework has its expression most keenly in the works of Moses in the Torah, but has since evolved into what we know it as today. That is, that underlying system or framework upon which the “Western World” was built, the United States was founded upon, and what has sustained societies around the world for the last 300 years.

The Worldview is uniquely American, and warrants that name, due to it being primarily lived out, practiced, or expressed within the United States. A unique cultural identity, nation of people, and body of knowledge has been formed over the last 300 years that has been known around the world as “American.” The fullness of the Worldview has not yet been unleashed due to the ideological controversies brought on by Marx, Lenin, and other “Modern” or “Post-Modern” philosophers of the 20th century that changed the political structure of the United States. However, its truths in a social and political sense are becoming realized in 21st century United States as competing worldviews have come to power. We can now see the United States struggling as the American Worldview, the framework upon which the country was built, is slowly being replaced by a cocktail of other worldviews that can not live up to their claims.

The American Worldview is held by every true American. Being American, though its national identity comes from the geography of the United States, is becoming less connected to the land which birthed it. It is becoming an identity shared by every human being around the world who firmly holds to God-given rights, limited government, self-governed freedom, and private property. While a person may be born in the United States, that fact has less impact on “being an American” than does that person’s choice to live in accordance with the American Worldview. Indeed, as people identify themselves with their religious beliefs, so do they identify themselves as being American.

What is this website about?

This website has been created to help spread the American Worldview. The intention is to layout what exactly the wordlview is so that others may learn. To protect, preserve, and pass on to future generations what the American way of life is in hopes of spreading Americanism around the world to the benefit of all mankind.