Individualism is a term that is used to refer in general to the ideal of every person being for the individual. Some put a negative spin on the ideal, suggesting it is driven by selfish ambition, greed, and conceit. However, that is not the point of individualism itself. The individualistic mindset is about being self-sufficient and independent, not being dependent on others to their detriment. Collectivism tends to focus on sacrificing the individual for the betterment of the majority, while Individualism tends to promote the individual to the betterment of the majority.

The concept of individualism can be understood in isolation as described above, but it rarely exists as a concept in a vacuum. Individualism is typically a subset or component of a grander ideal. While at its root it is about promoting and protecting the rights of the individual, it is a concept that is applied to a grander context. This is where individualism becomes adapted to a particular society or culture and its use is applied for a purpose or given a unique meaning.

Within the American Worldview, you have American Individualism. What makes the American form of Individualism distinct from other forms is the reason why individualism is promoted within the worldview. American Individualism is about being independent, promoting systems and structures that allow people to be independent, and that protects every individual’s basic rights so that every individual can provide for and care for the needs of others. Contrary to the Regressivist movement’s view of individualism being selfish or greedy, American Individualism is about creating a social framework that lifts up every individual so that every individual can lift up their fellow American.

American Individualism is a philosophy of social culture that seeks to make every person self-sufficient and independent so that every individual can serve the other in freedom. Each person must serve their fellow human being in order to generate wealth, and they have the right to retain their wealth and not have it taken from them or their posterity without due process of law. This allows every individual to be their for their brother or sister in their time of need. This charity is not given as a hand out, but as a hand up, so that compatriot can achieve self-sufficiency and independence once again. American Individualism is all about becoming independent so that you can serve your fellow man as God intended humanity to do.



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