The Framework

Each section provides the simplified details of how the American Worldview answers these questions.

The Philosophy of the American Worldview

Every Worldview is broken up into four levels of depth. The first level is considered to be the “Foundation” upon which the other levels are built. These “Core Beliefs” are what each other level is built upon, and should any of these beliefs be found faulty, the rest of the system can be compromised.

These beliefs are typically considered by a believer to be brute facts, and are present in their thinking, decision-making, and behavior often without the believer being aware. They are “taken as granted” and permit the believer to live in and interact with the world around them. The beliefs can also be called “presuppositions” that are brought in implicitly into conversations or within arguments.

Given that these beliefs are often expressed as quips with lengthy explanations or axioms in propositional form, it is easiest to categorize them into answers to questions. When reviewed as a whole, they form a cohesive “Framework” of propositions from which other levels are logically derived and applied. These questions are then grouped into areas of study, and together, they form “The Philosophy” of a Worldview.

That is to say, these Core beliefs answer the central questions of God, Man, and the Cosmos, and justify those answers as appropriate. They typically fall into other categories answering questions of Origin, Meaning, Morality, and Destiny. Here is how we will organize the Philosophy of the American Worldview:

  • Theology – Answering questions of God and the supernatural.
  • Epistemology – Answering questions of the nature of knowledge.
  • Cosmology – Answering questions of the origin and general nature of the cosmos.
  • Ontology – Answering questions of the nature of existence.
  • Anthropology – Answering questions of the origin and nature of humanity.
  • Axiology, Aesthetics and Ethics – Answering questions of the nature of value and morality.
  • Teleology – Answering questions of the nature of meaning and purpose.
  • Eschatology- Answering questions of the end of all things or where are things are going.